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K&D Cultured Marble, Inc

Located in Coffeeville, MS, and serving the mid south area for 18 years. We manufacture and install custom cultured marble products for new construction or renovation projects in residential and commercial applications.

What is Cultured Marble?

Cultured Marble is a special blend of crushed marble, glass frit,  polyester resin and/or alumina trihydrate fillers. These materials are mixed, and then poured into special designs and cured to a specified hardness. They can be molded into any shape, color and design, resulting in a one-piece seamless figure such as bathtubs, lavatories, and shower receptors.

Why You Should Consider Marble

  • Strength - Cultured Marble is coated in a mold with a clear gel. The outer layer provides the ultimate strength. It makes the product water proof and durable. The gel coat gives the product a shiny and beautiful surface.
  • Watertight - Because the marble is cast in molds, there are minimal seams in the product. With the use of mildew proof silicone caulk, it becomes virtually leak proof.
  • Durability - Because of the materials used in the product and the manufacturing process used by K&D Cultured Marble, Inc., you can be assured many years of enjoyment of your new marble product.



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